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Group Mentoring

Fall & Spring groups at various sites for girls ages 5 to 17 engage in group mentorship led by 2 facilitators. Discussing topics as self esteem building, character building, conflict resolution and positive peer interactions.  


Peer Leadership

Teen girls empower the younger girls to grow personally through boosting confidence, inspiring positive change and developing leadership skills through role modeling.


Workshops & Conferences

A multitude of workshops on various topics which includes but not limit to, self- advocacy, leadership, domestic violence, and healing through the arts.


Individual Mentoring

Individual mentorship available for those who need a more individualized approach to assist them with social, behavioral and inner personal development.


Volunteer Projects

Teaches young ladies the need for giving back to those lest fortunate as well as being helpful in the community. Excellent resume builder, and activities to note on college applications.



LUC is committed to raising funds for the programming and special events for the young ladies in the program.

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